The softwares have been internally developed and utilized aiming at efficient work and reliable products.


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The Instrument Installation Material System calculates quantity of bulk materials for the instrument installation from the

dedicate database and specific rules. In addition it is capable of automated creating of the instrument hook-up drawings

based on the database and standard or modified templates.


The Wiring Diagram Generation System automatically createts the wiring connection lists and loop diagram for

instrumentation in accordance with the dedicated database and standard or customised templates.

LOOP_0001-0100.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro_2014-09-30_15-19-37.png

Loop drawing


     connection.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro_2014-09-30_15-26-35.png

Connection list





The Datasheet Generation System automatically creates a variety of instrument data sheets into ISA standard or cosomised

form based on the dedicate database.

Measurement and instrument type is determine separately in accordance with the Design Criteria for Instrumentation.


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The Project Management System is a project wise communication and

document control tool for personnel internal and client as well.


(Assistance for efficient CAD work)

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  •  Get Line Length to Clipboard ( Line length getter)
  •  Elevation Z to Zero (3D to 2D converter) 
  •  Clear AutoCAD Table Format (Smart embedding tool Excel to CAD)
  •  CAD Table to Excel Table (Smart Excel data getter from CAD)
  •  Level to Bottom (Layer controller)
  •  Object Information to List ( Creator for object data table)
  •  Delete Xdata ( Clean up of junk data)

Electrical Calculation Software

  • Cable Tray Sizing (Cable tray sizing & material quantity calculation)
  • Power Cable Sizing (Power cable sizing calculation)


We use the technical freewares which are available on WWW.

"IC Flow-Meter/Valve" (version 2.0b) published by JR Association

Sizing calculation for DP flow instruments and control valve

"Fisher Specification Manager" published by Emerson/Fisher

Sizing calculation and valve type selection

"PRV2SIZE" published by Petair/Crossby

Sizing calculation and valve type selection

"ISpac" published by STAHL

Calculation for IS barrier type selection

"SIMARISdesign" published by Simens

Calculation for power distribution and equipment

"DIALux4.12" published by STAHL

Calculation for lighting